We do make a difference...

Just ask the ladies that have been to our support group!

"After having preventative breast surgery at such a young age of 23, I felt somewhat alone with mixed feelings and emotions regarding such a life changing operation.  I wish I had found this group sooner!  Meeting women in similar situations has been so comforting, knowledge is power and I have learnt so much from the meetings.

I now feel ready to move on with the next chapter in my BRCA journey and tackle removing my ovaries.

Thanks for all your support"

Hayley 33


"I did not really have any expectations when visiting the group for the first time. I felt somehow lost after my diagnosis. Before joining the meetings, I didn't really know what the journey would involve. Talking to experienced people and being given support in a friendly environment helped me to find my own path of the journey and take preventative actions."

Anika 33


"I attended a support group meeting about a fortnight before I went for surgery to remove my ovaries. I was feeling incredibly nervous, anxious and beginning to have some doubts I was doing the right thing.  The ladies were wonderful, sharing stories of when they had had the same op, giving me some ideas about recovery and HRT and even talking about the surgeon who had also done their surgery. I felt a weight of relief and drove home that night feeling almost excited to be having my op soon.  I had my music turned up and I sang loudly all the way home!"

Jo 38


"The BRCA Kent group has been a wonderful support through the early days of my diagnosis with the BRCA 2 gene mutation. It has enabled me to meet women in the same postion as me but at various different stages of their journeys with preventative care. This contact is invaluable in my own decision making"

Arabella 41


"I had my bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with DIEP FLAP 8 days ago, and can honestly say, without the group's unconditional support, it would have been an incredibly lonely journey. Rather than feel negative and alone where you may question your decision out of fear, you instead feel loved, uplifted and free to talk about all the emotions that go hand in hand with having BRCA mutation. No one judges or tries to convince you another way is better. Everyone supports each individual's decisions. It's safe. 
I truly have never known support like it. We owe an awful lot to the time and dedication of the ladies that run it, Liz & Jo. They are always there for everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you" 

Sally 42


"I was so happy to find this group after I found out I had the faulty BRCA1 gene as I didn't think that there was much information and support available. The group has had a very positive affect on me being able to talk to others in the same situation and ask questions about anything, large or small. We also have had some great guest speakers which has helped me tremendously with decisions I had to make. I know that the speakers have helped a lot of us in the group and our families. Liz and Jo are fabulous and very supportive. Its a lovely group to be part of. "