Support Group Meetings

In addition to our Facebook Page where support is available every day, we aim to run group meetings monthly, excluding the summer holiday period.


We have 3 venues to ensure that more ladies can reach us. You can find us in Maidstone, Margate and Canterbury.


West Kent Meetings  - KIMS Hospital in Maidstone

We are very grateful to KIMS for being instrumental in the running of these sessions, by the support they give us to enable us to use their facilities.  


East Kent Meetings - Kent and Canterbury Hospital and QEQM Hopsital in Margate 


All meetings provide a very friendly, private and non-intimidating environment where we can sit and talk over coffee. You can attend any meeting, it doesn't need to be your closest one. We try to vary the days so there should always be a meeting that can fit in around your busy weeks. 


These are by invitation only and you can find out more about coming along by getting in contact with us. 


There is no charge for coming along to a meeting, all we ask is a small donation towards refreshments.


(For BRCA patients only - no healthcare professionals. You are very welcome at our Awareness Events. Click the tab on the left for more details).



A special thanks to Macmillan, Whitehead Monckton Charitable Foundation, and Rotary Maidstone Dawn Patrol whose grants and donations have supported our group.