About us

Experience. Support. Friendship.


This group was set up by volunteers when it became apparent that there was a need to support women with a BRCA mutation, on a regular and consistent basis. It is run independently from any Healthcare Trust. 


All the women in the group have had a BRCA1/2 diagnosis and are at various stages of the path that it therefore leads them down.  We have a lot of ladies who have had all, or part of their risk-reducing surgeries, others that prefer to get regular surveillance and plenty of newly diagnosed ladies. It is currently run by Elizabeth Leech and Jo Considine


This group has been inspired by the late Caroline Langman who was a Specialist Nurse to whom we are all forever grateful to. She recognised the need for supporting women and raising awareness when it was still a fairly new discovery. Caroline was passionate about what she did and more than generous with her time to support woman with the BRCA gene mutation. We know she would have been proud to see our group flourish and continue the good work she started. 


Caroline Langman presenting a cheque to Cancer Research

Elizabeth Leech

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Jo Considine

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