Welcome to the BRCA Kent Support Group

A diagnosis of a mutated BRCA1/2 gene can come with a whole range of emotions. Sometimes those who found it difficult to begin with, end up feeling extremely positive, whilst others who appeared self assured at the beginning, may have moments of vulnerability further along their journey.


Wherever you are at the moment, there is a fantastic group of ladies in Kent who know exactly how you feel as, they all have the genetic fault too. They are waiting to hear from you with a very warm welcome, a box of tissues, lots of coffee and tonnes of smiles along the way. 

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Support Group 


If you are diagnosed as having a BRCA mutation and are living in Kent, then we would love to welcome you to the group.


Awareness Events


Passionate about promoting awareness of the BRCA mutation to Healthcare Professionals.




Read for yourself what some of the ladies thought about coming to the support group meetings.


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