Who are we?

Experience. Support. Friendship.


This group was set up by volunteers when it became apparent that there was a need to support women in Kent with a BRCA mutation, on a regular and consistent basis.  It is run independently from any Healthcare Trust.


All the women in the group have had a BRCA1/2 confirmed diagnosis and are at various stages of their BRCA journey.  We have many ladies who have had all or part of their risk-reducing surgeries, others that have chosen to have regular surveillance, and newly diagnosed members.


The group is run by Elizabeth Leech, Jo Considine, Suzannah Fitzgerald and Natalie Savage.  Due to our numbers increasing over the past couple of years, we now have meetings at a few different venues (Maidstone, Canterbury and Margate) to ensure that they are easily accessible to all our members in both East and West Kent.  This also ensures that the atmosphere remains friendly, non-intimidating and not over-crowded.  It also means that it is never too long to wait until the next meeting if you really need to speak to someone.  Ladies can attend any of the meetings at any of the venues, as little or as often as they like.


We are passionate about supporting local women and understand that it can feel like a whole new world, from understanding the different surgical techniques, to managing HRT.  This means that we are able to support each other locally, often having experience of the same surgeons and hospitals.  Between us all, we have a huge array of experience that we can share, to help ladies feel less isolated, better informed and more empowered to make the right choices for them


This group was inspired by the late Caroline Langman who was a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Genetics, to whom we are all grateful to.  She recognised the need for supporting women and raising awareness when it was still a fairly new discovery.  Caroline was passionate about what she did and more than generous with her time to support women with the BRCA gene mutation.  We know that she would have been very proud to see our group flourish and continue the good work she started.


To keep the group safe and secure, all that we ask is that ladies meet the criteria which is being diagnosed as BRCA1/2 positive, live in Kent, England and are over 18.


We look forward to welcoming you to our group where you are assured of a very warm welcome. 


Caroline Langman (left) presenting a cheque to Cancer Research

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